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for lack of art

ive been in an art slump
and anything i draw just turns out terribly
hopefully thisll pass soon and ill be back to drawing!!!!
something like this:
Raifuru by Fuzzi-Wuzzi

or $8 for two chars
im closing them at the end of the week okbye
(not rly)
p soon
or anthro or w/e the fucking term is

its stil about 600 pv off but might as well announce it
note me the full screenshot if you get it!!
i got a 3ds for christmas lets be friends and send each other cute swapnotes

i was going to say how someone should buy me a membership
[buy one, get one starts on monday yo]

but then i remembered that i dont really get on here anymore

falls on groun d
give me presents
  • Listening to: this is a joke btw
  • Reading: ughgh why dont dA journals have tags like tumblr
if you follow me and you dont like homestuck im sry
but rly u should read it
remember how i used to do pixel art/emotes
and thats how i got a decent audience
andthen i just stopped caring about dA
ahahaha good times

#the more u kno
im on tumblr in case you were unaware
tumblr = fuzzyginge
the new dw episode was dumb
get rid of the whole amy/rory thing
and its acceptable
my tablet finally kicked the bucket
so no art for a while

or maybe ill start doing trad art again
probably not tho
hi uhm ive been in new york for a week
if anyone was curious as to where i flew off to

it was gr8
hi sorry i hate making these kinda journals b/c i feel like its common sense.
but this kinda stuff has popped up here and there so i just want to address it

i do not want anybody using my icons as a base or even using it as is [unless of course, youre the person i made the icon for]
i do put a lot of work into my icons; and i would appreciate it if you would respect that

youre welcome to make your own icon based off of one of mine
or ask me to make a base of a certain icon
but i wont guarantee that i will do that-like i said icons take a lot of time

the same applies for posting my art elsewhere
i post all of my art on tumblr so youre welcome to reblog it from there
if you want to post it somewhere else or use my art in something, just send me a note asking if you can [and please include the thumbnail so i know what youre wanting to use]
most likely ill be like 'o yeah sure of course just link back/give credit'. i just like to know where my art is going

ok thank you!!
would anyone want to do an art trade with me
commission info by Fuzzi-Wuzzi
all orders will include: full body drawing + simple background [solid color/simple pattern]
more examples of my art can be found in my art tag/on my gallery or you can click the different options/styles to see more examples of them! uvu
basically the different between my two styles are: #1 is more silly/cartoony and #2 is more proportioned/realistic

style one - $10
peppermint cocoa babe by Fuzzi-Wuzzi tricker erin by Fuzzi-Wuzzi qtie by Fuzzi-Wuzzi
  • extra char + $3 

style two - $12
hipstervriska by Fuzzi-Wuzzi hipsteraranea by Fuzzi-Wuzzi fyfums by Fuzzi-Wuzzi
  • extra char + $3

*please specify if you want the papery effect or not!
style one - $7
jacuzzi splot by Fuzzi-Wuzzi meeeee by Fuzzi-Wuzzi korra by Fuzzi-Wuzzi
  • extra char +$2

style two - $9
handmaid by Fuzzi-Wuzzi ::::) by Fuzzi-Wuzzi hp babes by Fuzzi-Wuzzi
  • extra char +$3

one style - $3
WR1GGL1NG D4Y by Fuzzi-Wuzzi meowrails by Fuzzi-Wuzzi buzz by Fuzzi-Wuzzi
  • extra char + $1

jayyers by Fuzzi-Wuzzi gameofholmes by Fuzzi-Wuzzi weh by Fuzzi-Wuzzi
my 'do whatever you want' option - name your own price
  • essentially where you let me screw around with stuff
  • or you could request a specific style that i've done in the past.
  • the price will correlate with how much time i put into the piece. eg; a higher amount will look more like my higher priced art, a lower amount will look like my lower priced art, simple?

if you have any questions about whether or not ill do something, drop me an ask!
  • ocs/fantrolls/fanart/aliens/furries/etc
  • animals to an extent [ask me to make sure!]
  • backgrounds - as long as you know what kind you want [ask me though, but ill give it a shot!]
  • p much anything thats not on the wont list

  • mecha/full armor
  • excessively detailed characters/bgs
  • porn b/c i just cant draw it 
  • no more than three characters, please!

How to order/payment/contact me:
  • send me an email []/note with the option [colored/lineless/squishies] + style [1/2] + a reference [picture, fully colored] + any additional information i should know [eg: pose preference, bg color, etc]
  • You can always send me a note/email if you have any questions/want an update on your commission or anything else! or add me on skype: lolitsafuzz For payment: please send it to using the gift options + please pay the fees. All prices are in USD.
kiriban = 90909

its like rLY CLOSE GO GET ITttt

+ note me the full screenshop pls
h ey

go get it
bc its clOSE

ollies out